I’m wondering how I go about checking for malware/viruses on the IPad? I’ve heard that Ipad can’t get viruses but can get malware and adware? Since the IPad doesn’t seem to have an antivirus scan application built in, then what should I do to protect myself (apart from common sense lol)

The reason I’m asking is because I clicked a link in Google images that led to a site called Tumgir. The site seemed a bit sketchy to me, as I got a few pop-ups in the website telling me to scan my device, so I pasted the URL into VirusTotal.
Going by this link, it seems to have been flagged by one vendor:


I’m hoping that someone who knows more about this type of stuff will guide me on what to do next and what exactly VirusTotal is telling me (apart from its malicious). So far I haven’t encountered any type of slowness with my device or anything to be suspicious of (that i know of)

If I have to go through my IPad manually, what should I be looking for and where should I be looking for issues?

Also is their a way to get Ublock Origin on IPad? I’ve been using my IPad without any type of ad protection the entire year and am getting tired of ads at this point lol.


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