I have bought a new laptop from laptopsdirect website, with Windows 10 installed and, I guess, by default it comes with a months trial of McAfee antivirus. The day after the trial have expired, I started to receive scam emails about my McAfee expired. Since December 22nd, I have received 6 scam emails in my spam folder and one email actually got to my inbox. I never had McAfee emails before, I just checked my spam folder for the past month.

Why I know that these are scam emails, because they come from the email addresses like such:

InternetSecurity <[LnbZFep-z0TXMQ1NxJF-noReply@figai.epivwmrfakn.ecomtile.net](mailto:LnbZFep-z0TXMQ1NxJF-noReply@figai.epivwmrfakn.ecomtile.net)>

McafeeAnti-Virus <[sunafinrezintruhaunre39@gmail.com](mailto:sunafinrezintruhaunre39@gmail.com)>

etc. etc.

All with the topic “confirmation” and a number. For example: “confirmation 16699”, “Confirmation-0392” and a link to click at.

I doubt it is a coincidence, as I never had McAfee emails before. Does anyone know what might have happened? Was my data compromised in some way? Laptop came with some malware?

Can anyone please know if something can be done and if I should do anything. I don’t want to be tracked by scammers like that…

And if I need to post such question anywhere else, please let me know where. Thank you.

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