Hello I am here to ask more stupid questions, so after a year of owning my laptop, I decided to get it Reimaged by my school’s technology/computer lounge, I did this because I speculated that I might have malware, as I’d downloaded suspicious things such as Custom Cursor, Driver Easy and other freeware. The Reimage took 90 mins and then I got my laptop almost as good as new (maybe some hardware issues still, but…)

Is Reimaging the same as reinstalling a OS? I checked Registry to see if any remenants of other software remained and nothing did, now I have Kaspersky free and Ublock Origin and now I won’t use shitty sites like y2mate (I’m a cover musician and needed instrumentals)

I would like to know something else, should I use YouTube DL or just use YouTube premium to download videos/audio, and how good is Ublock?

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