Certain NETGEAR devices are affected by command injection by an unauthenticated attacker. This affects EX6200v2 before, EX6250 before, EX7700 before, EX8000 before, LBR1020 before, LBR20 before, R7800 before, R8900 before, R9000 before, RBS50Y before, WNR2000v5 before, XR700 before, EX6150v2 before, EX7300 before, EX7320 before, RAX10 before, RAX120 before, RAX70 before, EX6100v2 before, EX6400 before, EX7300v2 before, R6700AX before, RAX120v2 before, RAX78 before, EX6410 before, RBR10 before, RBR20 before, RBR350 before, RBR40 before, RBR50 before, EX6420 before, RBS10 before, RBS20 before, RBS350 before, RBS40 before, RBS50 before, EX6400v2 before, RBK12 before, RBK20 before, RBK352 before, RBK40 before, and RBK50 before
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