Certain NETGEAR devices are affected by incorrect configuration of security settings. This affects D3600 before, D6000 before, D6200 before, D6220 before, D6400 before, D7000 before, D7000v2 before, D7800 before, D8500 before, DC112A before, DGN2200v4 before, DGND2200Bv4 before, DM200 before, EX3700 before, EX3800 before, EX6120 before, EX6130 before, EX7000 before, PR2000 before, R6220 before, R6230 before, R6250 before, R6300v2 before, R6400 before, R6400v2 before, R6700 before, R6700v3 before, R6900 before, R7000 before, R7100LG before, R7500v2 before, R7900P before, R8000P before, R8900 before, R9000 before, RBK20 before, RBK40 before, RBK50 before, RBR20 before, RBR40 before, RBR50 before, RBS20 before, RBS40 before, RBS50 before, WN3000RPv2 before, WNDR3400v3 before, WNR2000v5 before, WNR2020 before, WNR3500Lv2 before, XR450 before, and XR500 before
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