How to deactivate this McAfee feature forever?
How to deactivate this McAfee feature forever?

Okay… here’s the thing: I recently got back to McAfee… and I notice this feature is causing a little bit of a problem on my computer; when this “software acceleration” option its activated, programs such as Chrome and Adobe Photoshop/After Effects, starts having trouble with the RAM memory. As soon as I turn it off, these problems goes away (I always choose the option to never turn it back again). But after restarting the computer it goes back automatically. Does anyone have a fix for this? Because I usually forget it’s turned on, then I start working… and the PC crashes; making me have to restart and reinstall the graphics driver (yeap, it sucks that much). Changing the Antivirus is not an option I you want to go with, since I just paid 2 year for this one. Thank you.


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