Markus Mannheim, ABC News Australia 10 Dec 2021
via ACM TechNews, Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Alphabet's Wing subsidiary has relaunched drone-based coffee and fast food
deliveries to the Harrison suburb of Canberra, Australia, following the
service's suspension in September due to attacks by nesting
ravens. Ornithologist Neil Hermes discovered a pair of ravens had a nest
with three chicks in a tree near a Wing customer; the ravens were
approaching the drones from behind, as they would if the drone were a
predator and they were trying to encourage it to leave. The service
restarted after the chicks had fledged (grown wing feathers large enough for
flight). Said Hermes, "We certainly need to be careful to ensure that we're
aware of the impacts [of what we're doing]."

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