One-time tables are a class of two-party correlations that can help achieve
information-theoretically secure two-party (interactive) classical or quantum
computation. In this work we propose a bipartite quantum protocol for
generating a simple type of one-time tables (the correlation in the
Popescu-Rohrlich nonlocal box) with partial security. We then show that by
running many instances of the first protocol and performing checks on some of
them, asymptotically information-theoretically secure generation of one-time
tables can be achieved. The first protocol is adapted from a protocol for
semi-honest quantum oblivious transfer, with some changes so that no entangled
state needs to be prepared, and the communication involves only one qutrit in
each direction. We show that some information tradeoffs in the first protocol
are similar to that in the semi-honest oblivious transfer protocol. We also
obtain two types of inequalities about guessing probabilities in some protocols
for generating one-time tables, from a single type of inequality about guessing
probabilities in semi-honest quantum oblivious transfer protocols.

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Author Of this post: <a href="">Li Yu</a>, <a href="">Xue-Tong Zhang</a>, <a href="">Fuqun Wang</a>, <a href="">Chui-Ping Yang</a>

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