Looking for advice on checking a program for malware
Looking for advice on checking a program for malware

I came across a cracked version of a video editing program, and wanted to test if it had a virus or malware. I installed it on a virtual machine and I did a variety of tings, like scanning the files on VirusTotal.com, I ran Malwarebytes and AVG. I did get 1 hit on VirusTotal but suspect it could be a false positive as it was the only hit.


I also see a comment on the community sections saying ” Opened it in a VM, it installed the video editing software just fine, and no threats were found after a few Malwarebytes scans. But looking at the VT graph shows a lot of malicious execution parents, so that’s a bit suspicious “

I checked the outward connections under resource monitor in my virtual machine while running Premier. I know Malware bytes (MBAMService.ex) can send info to amazonaws, but not sure whats going on with the video editing program and if this is suspicious.



Really just trying to learn, as being able to spot malware in programs is becoming a more and more important skill these days, so I would appreciate any help or advice.

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