The cost of DNA sequencing has resulted in a surge of genetic data being
utilised to improve scientific research, clinical procedures, and healthcare
delivery in recent years. Since the human genome can uniquely identify an
individual, this characteristic also raises security and privacy concerns. In
order to balance the risks and benefits, governance mechanisms including
regulatory and ethical controls have been established, which are prone to human
errors and create hindrance for collaboration. Over the past decade,
technological methods are also catching up that can support critical
discoveries responsibly. In this paper, we explore regulations and ethical
guidelines and propose our visions of secure/private genomic data
storage/processing/sharing platforms. Then, we present some available
techniques and a conceptual system model that can support our visions. Finally,
we highlight the open issues that need further investigation.

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Author Of this post: <a href="">Sara Jafarbeiki</a>, <a href="">Raj Gaire</a>, <a href="">Amin Sakzad</a>, <a href="">Shabnam Kasra Kermanshahi</a>, <a href="">Ron Steinfeld</a>

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