I have a couple of laptops in my life.

The first laptop is my father’s laptop, it has paid Kaspersky Antivirus. After the paid service ended, it always notifies me to pay to continue the service makes me very worried if antivirus came to the laptop without protection.

My first own laptop has Avast Free Antivirus pre-installed. Since that, I have had a connection with it and now still trust this company. Then I watch a YouTube channel saying to install Malwarebytes as it is more powerful than Anti-virus. So I installed it to both of them running.

After the first laptop broke, I have this laptop which is second-hand from my father, a Government gift laptop. It is pre-installed with an antivirus I never heard of, “SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition”. It makes me it is a new kind of antivirus so I let install and also install both Avast and Malwarebytes. You can imagine how it becomes slow… I also installed Iobit Malare Fighter as I am using Iobit products and to replace Malwarebytes as it has a bad reputation at that time.

The second laptop got stolen and now I have this refurbished laptop. It is pre-installed with SMADAV Antivirus. It is said to be additional protection for your antivirus. I pair it with Avast until I read it is not trustworthy so I uninstalled SMADAV. About every month, I search for the license codes on YouTube so I can get Avast Ultimate until it doesn’t work for no reason. I continue using Avast free until I changed it to BitDefender free just to have something new to use.

Question 1: Is installing more than one antivirus is a good idea?
Question 2: Is it a practice to install both Anti-virus and Anti-malware(Like pairing Avast and Malwarebytes) on a single device? Should I install Malwarebytes to pair with Bitdefender now?
Question 3: I am still thinking is SuperAntiSpyware a legit Anti-Spyware… and is Anti-spyware even is a thing? Should I install Anti-Spyware software now?
Question 4: What does SMADAV do as it claimed to be an additional antivirus which needs to be paired with an antivirus, not a standalone? Is SMADAV legit? Should I install it back?

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