Concerns persist that President Putin will take his revenge in cyberspace for sanctions. Wiper attacks reported continuing in Ukraine. Russia also sustains cyberattacks. Lapsus$–living at home, with Mom. A carder kingpin finds his way onto the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on collective resilience. Our guest is Amit Shaked from Laminar Security on shadow data. Anonymous says it hit Nestlé, but Nestlé says it never happened.

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Selected reading.

As Ukraine invasion stalls, Putin looks to cyber for revenge attack on US (Newsweek)

Threat looms of Russian attack on undersea cables to shut down West’s internet (France 24) 

A Mysterious Satellite Hack Has Victims Far Beyond Ukraine (Wired) 

Anonymous hacks unsecured printers to send anti-war messages across Russia (HackRead)

‘We want them to go to the Stone Age’: Ukrainian coders are splitting their time between work and cyber warfare (CNBC) 

Teen Suspected by Cyber Researchers of Being Lapsus$ Mastermind (Bloomberg)

Nestlé denies Anonymous hack, claiming it accidentally leaked data dump itself (Fortune) 

Nestlé says ‘Anonymous’ data leak actually a self-own (Register)

Nestlé: You Can’t Hack Us, We Leaked Our Own Data (Gizmodo) 

FBI adds Russian cybercrime market owner to most wanted list (BleepingComputer)

United States of America v. Igor Dekhtyar (US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas)

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