A new version of this valuable network tracing, monitoring, and PENTEST tool has been released.  Version 3.6.3 appears to be a beneficial version update.

Wireshark 3.6.3 Released – SANS Internet Storm Center

Wireshark · Wireshark 3.6.3 Release Notes

Wireshark 3.6.3 has been released, fixing the following issues:

    • Fuzz job crash output: fuzz-2022-01-19-7399.pcap Issue 17894.
    • TLS dissector incorrectly reports JA3 values Issue 17942.
    • “Wiki Protocol page” in packet details menu is broken – wiki pages not migrated to GitLab? Issue 17944.
    • Dissector bug, protocol PFCP display Flow Description IE value error in Additional Flow Description of PFD Management Request Message Issue 17951.
    • Bluetooth: Fails to open Log file for SCO connection Issue 17964.
    • Fuzz job crash output: fuzz-2022-03-07-10896.pcap Issue 17984.
    • libwiretap: Save as ERF causes segmentation fault Issue 17989.
    • HTTP server returning multiple early hints shows too many responses in “Follow HTTP Stream” Issue 18006.

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