The Harvard Business Review an excellent management & leadership article for the month of March 2022.  As the world has been in tough times for past couple of years & remote workers are more commonplace — this is excellent advice for management challenges of today:

How to Be a Supportive Manager When Times Are Tough (

It’s never easy to manage people through tough times. But when the news is disturbing, and you know your team’s minds are understandably elsewhere, it can be particularly hard to know how to best support your people. How do you balance your desire to be compassionate with the need to continue to get work done? What do you say — or not say? And what should you do if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all as well? Most of us feel overwhelmed, upset, and anxious when faced with uncertainty. “We have a fundamental neuroanatomy that orients us toward stress in highly charged times,”

    1. Take time to process your own emotions
    2. Acknowledge what’s happening
    3. Encourage self-compassion
    4. Ask people what they need
    5. Model self-care

Principles to Remember

  • Normalize stress — it’s a common physiological response to uncertainty
  • Help your team feel grounded by reaffirming your shared purpose
  • Encourage people to take care of themselves in whatever small ways help build their resilience
  • Don’t Neglect your own anxiety and concerns
  • Don’t Ignore people’s emotions
  • Don’t Assume that everyone on your team needs the same types or level of support

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