A new “Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework” between EU & USA is being designed to improve upon earlier standards.  Some of the past standards were beneficial, but they did not hold up well in court system.  The latest version is designed to strengthen security/privacy & address past short-comings.

Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework Agreed to by U.S. and EU — Redmondmag.com

EU-U.S. data transfer deal cheers business, but worries privacy activists | Reuters

A new “Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework” was agreed to “in principle,” as announced on Friday by the European Commission and the Biden White House.  The agreement isn’t in effect right now, as it still needs to get put into legal documents, a process that can take “months,” according to Reuters story, citing an unnamed European Union (EU) official. The agreement also needs to be institutionalized with a court process to address complaints by EU residents about how their information gets processed by U.S.-based organizations.

However, this U.S.-EU agreement will “enable predictable and trustworthy data flows between the EU and U.S., safeguarding privacy and civil liberties,” contended Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission’s president, in a released statement.  Here’s what the U.S. government agreed to under this new framework agreement, per the European Commission’s announcement:

    • The United States will “strengthen the privacy and civil liberties protections applicable to U.S. signals intelligence activities.”
    • The United States will establish “a two-level independent redress mechanism with binding authority to direct remedial measures.”
    • The United States will “ensure compliance with limitations on surveillance activities.”

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