On March 30, 2022, NetSPI was featured in the VentureBeat article, What’s Happening in the Attack Surface Market: Mitigating Threats in the Cloud Era. Preview the article below, or read the full article online.

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For an increasing number of organizations, the explosion in attack surfaces has reached unmanageable levels amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread adoption of cloud services. In fact, research shows seven in 10 organizations have been compromised by an unknown or unmanaged asset. 

As remote working has grown more popular during the pandemic, environments that sprawl across on-premises and cloud environments have expanded enterprise attack surfaces to the point where they can’t be secured through traditional IT security approaches alone.

NetSPI Brings Penetration Testing to the ASM Market 

As the need for ASM solutions increases, many security vendors are beginning to move into the space. One such provider is NetSPI, a penetration testing-as-as-service provider that’s raised $100 million in funding to date, who last month launched a new ASM tool that incorporates human penetration testing.

NetSPI’s solution automatically scans attack surface assets and alerts users to high-risk exposure, while NetSPI’s internal team evaluates the risk posed by discovered issues and provides the organization with guidance on how to remediate them.

The use of human penetration testing is unique in the market, and enables organizations to benefit from automated asset scanning alongside the rich risk insights of an experience penetration testing team, who can identify what threats a risk poses in a way that automated solutions cannot.

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