Detection Report from Malwarebytes: Screenshot Here

I have accidentally downloaded a browser hijacker called chrome_find. It nestles itself inside user>appdata>local, as well as registery keys. Sometimes the detection software sees it in both places, other times just in appdata.

I run scans to find it. I quarantine it using malware bytes. I delete it. I manually find the file and delete it, and delete it from the recycle bin. I havent been able to successflly find it in registry keys (despite having the file path via malwarebyes, it just doesnt exist when using the find function… But it appars gone, and no longer holds my chrome hostage (when its enabled, it wont let you open the extensions page of chrome).

60 seconds later, its back. I can see the file back in appdata/local. My browser is taken hostage again. I get new ad tabs, and cant access my extenesion page (presumably a self preserevation measure by it). The browser shuts off and on seemlingly randomly.

for the love of all that is holy please help me murder this fucking thing.

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