Ashley Ahn, NPR, 19 Nov 2022

Four new prefixes to the International System of Units were announced by the
27th General Conference on Weights and Measures on 18 Nov 2022, marking the
first expansion of the metric system since 1991. The new prefixes are ronna
(27 zeroes after the first digit) and quetta (30 zeroes) at the top of the
measurement range, and ronto (27 zeroes after the decimal point) and quecto
(30 zeroes) at the bottom.  Said the UK's National Physical Laboratory
(NPL), "The change was largely driven by the growing requirements of data
science and digital storage, which is already using prefixes at the top of
the existing range (yottabytes and zettabytes, for expressing huge
quantities of digital information)." NPL indicated ronto and quecto will be
useful in quantum science and particle physics.

  [And of course it will never stop.  Y'otta do something abyte it.  Maybe
  ronna contest for the next prefixes, send a ronto to toRonto, hold a
  ban-quetta.  We already have the Irish Zetta.  I wonder how many people
  will confuse ronna and ronto.  PGN]

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