It has been said that every business is a software business. But what does that mean? Becoming a software business entails both rewards and risks. The reward is a competitive edge; the risks are often misunderstood and poorly managed at the highest levels of leadership. In this interview, Jason Schmitt, general manager of Synopsys Software Integrity Group, explains what business and technology leaders must do to achieve successful business transformation and take control of the risks that are inherent in software.

Q: Jason, how is digital transformation changing companies’ relationship with software?

A: Companies are not undertaking digital transformation for their own sake. Digital transformation is the means by which companies are seeking competitive advantage. Software is the enabler. The goal is not to create more digital assets but to apply the power of technology to effect transformation, either by automating current processes or by creating new customer experiences. Software intro­duces new ways of doing business, but it also introduces risk.

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