Quarantined something with Hitman Pro that has a pretty good chance of being a false positive, But every other AV in my system stopped working after. Another scan of Hitman Pro and MalwareBytes detected nothing on the pc, But Karspesky Virus Removal Tool kept saying it couldn’t create a cleanup script, Norton Power Eraser kept giving me and error when opened, And Windows Defender just wouldn’t work at all.

I searched up the issue with Kaspersky, And someone said closing Malwarebytes worked. Tried that, And it didn’t. I opened MB again and then none of the real-time options worked, They just kept loading. Did another scan with Hitman Pro and MB, And again, Nothing. By then i started panicking, Thinking there was some covert malware stopping my AVs from working.

But then i turned my pc off, And turned it back on without internet connection. Norton Power Eraser still doesn’t work, Giving me an error in the middle of the scan, But Malware Bytes, Windows Defender, Hitman Pro and Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool all work flawlessly. Still, No detections from any of them. Haven’t noticed anything suspicious on startup programs or installed apps.

Could it have been a false positive and having more than one AV made them all conflict somehow, Or should i be concerned?

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