New ‘Ubuntu Flatpak Remix’ Has (Unofficial) Flatpak Support Preinstalled
An anonymous reader shares this report from 9to5Linux:

After Canonical’s announcement that future Ubuntu releases won’t include Flatpak support by default, someone already made an unofficial Ubuntu flavor that ships with support for Flatpak apps preinstalled and working out of the box, called Ubuntu Flatpak Remix.

Meet Ubuntu Flatpak Remix, an unofficial Ubuntu derivative that doesn’t feature support for Snap apps and comes with support for Flatpak apps working out of the box. Several key apps are preinstalled in the Flatpak format rather than as a Snap app, including the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email client, and LibreOffice office suite…. Support for the Flathub portal is installed as well, so you’ll be able to install more apps with just a few clicks.

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