The rapid development of advanced computing technologies such as quantum
computing imposes new challenges to current wireless security mechanism which
is based on cryptographic approaches. To deal with various attacks and realize
long-lasting security, we are in urgent need of disruptive security solutions.
In this article, novel security transmission paradigms are proposed to approach
Shannon’s one-time pad perfect secrecy. First, two metrics, termed as
Degree-of-Approaching (DoA) and Degree-of-Synchronous-Approaching (DoSA), are
developed to characterize the closeness between the achieved security strength
and perfect secrecy. These two metrics also serve as a guideline for secure
transmission protocol design. After that, we present two paths towards
Shannon’s one-time pad, i.e., an explicit-encryption based approach and an
implicit-encryption based approach. For both of them, we discuss the
architecture design, enabling technologies, as well as preliminary performance
evaluation results. The techniques presented in this article provide promising
security-enhancing solutions for future wireless networks.

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Author Of this post: <a href="">Li Sun</a>, <a href="">Xianhui Lu</a>, <a href="">Peng Liu</a>, <a href="">Jianjun Wu</a>, <a href="">Xiaohu You</a>, <a href="">Xiaofeng Tao</a>

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