Cloud computing is a web-based utility model that is becoming popular every
day with the emergence of 4th Industrial Revolution, therefore, cybercrimes
that affect web-based systems are also relevant to cloud computing. In order to
conduct a forensic investigation into a cyber-attack, it is necessary to
identify and locate the source of the attack as soon as possible. Although
significant study has been done in this domain on obstacles and its solutions,
research on approaches and strategies is still in its development stage. There
are barriers at every stage of cloud forensics, therefore, before we can come
up with a comprehensive way to deal with these problems, we must first
comprehend the cloud technology and its forensics environment. Although there
are articles that are linked to cloud forensics, there is not yet a paper that
accumulated the contemporary concerns and solutions related to cloud forensic.
Throughout this chapter, we have looked at the cloud environment, as well as
the threats and attacks that it may be subjected to. We have also looked at the
approaches that cloud forensics may take, as well as the various frameworks and
the practical challenges and limitations they may face when dealing with cloud
forensic investigations.

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