Neighbourhood watch is a concept that allows a community to distribute a
complex security task in between all members. Members of the community carry
out individual security tasks to contribute to the overall security of it. It
reduces the workload of a particular individual while securing all members and
allowing them to carry out a multitude of security tasks. Wireless sensor
networks (WSNs) are composed of resource-constraint independent battery driven
computers as nodes communicating wirelessly. Security in WSNs is essential.
Without sufficient security, an attacker is able to eavesdrop the
communication, tamper monitoring results or deny critical nodes providing their
service in a way to cut off larger network parts. The resource-constraint
nature of sensor nodes prevents them from running full-fledged security
protocols. Instead, it is necessary to assess the most significant security
threats and implement specialised protocols. A neighbourhood-watch inspired
distributed security scheme for WSNs has been introduced by Langend”orfer. Its
goal is to increase the variety of attacks a WSN can fend off. A framework of
such complexity has to be designed in multiple steps. Here, we introduce an
approach to determine distributions of security means on large-scale static
homogeneous WSNs. Therefore, we model WSNs as undirected graphs in which two
nodes connected iff they are in transmission range. The framework aims to
partition the graph into $n$ distinct security means resulting in the targeted
distribution. The underlying problems turn out to be NP hard and we attempt to
solve them using linear programs (LPs). To evaluate the computability of the
LPs, we generate large numbers of random {lambda}-precision unit disk graphs
(UDGs) as representation of WSNs. For this purpose, we introduce a novel
{lambda}-precision UDG generator to model WSNs with a minimal distance in
between nodes.

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Author Of this post: <a href="">Benjamin F&#xf6;rster</a>, <a href="">Peter Langend&#xf6;rfer</a>, <a href="">Thomas Hinze</a>

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