Convolutional neural network classifiers (CNNs) are susceptible to
adversarial attacks that perturb original samples to fool classifiers such as
an autonomous vehicle’s road sign image classifier. CNNs also lack invariance
in the classification of symmetric samples because CNNs can classify symmetric
samples differently. Considered together, the CNN lack of adversarial
robustness and the CNN lack of invariance mean that the classification of
symmetric adversarial samples can differ from their incorrect classification.
Could symmetric adversarial samples revert to their correct classification?
This paper answers this question by designing a symmetry defense that inverts
or horizontally flips adversarial samples before classification against
adversaries unaware of the defense. Against adversaries aware of the defense,
the defense devises a Klein four symmetry subgroup that includes the horizontal
flip and pixel inversion symmetries. The symmetry defense uses the subgroup
symmetries in accuracy evaluation and the subgroup closure property to confine
the transformations that an adaptive adversary can apply before or after
generating the adversarial sample. Without changing the preprocessing,
parameters, or model, the proposed symmetry defense counters the Projected
Gradient Descent (PGD) and AutoAttack attacks with near-default accuracies for
ImageNet. Without using attack knowledge or adversarial samples, the proposed
defense exceeds the current best defense, which trains on adversarial samples.
The defense maintains and even improves the classification accuracy of
non-adversarial samples.

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