U.S. Threatens to Ban TikTok if Chinese Founder Doesn’t Sell Ownership Stake

China Sought Control of Submarine Cables to Spy, Says Micronesia

Russian Hackers Preparing New Cyber Assault Against Ukraine – Microsoft Report

This Is the New Leader of Russia’s Infamous Sandworm Hacking Unit

A Spy Wants to Connect With You on LinkedIn

The World’s Real ‘Cybercrime’ Problem

FBI: Ransomware Hit 860 Critical Infrastructure Orgs in 2022

Authorities Take Down Darknet Cryptocurrency ‘Mixing’ Service ‘ChipMixer’

Dangers from Hacks Stretch Beyond Broken Computer Systems

AI-Generated Voice Deepfakes Aren’t Scary Good—Yet

Humans Still More Effective Than ChatGPT at Phishing

ChipMixer Platform Seized for Laundering Ransomware Payments, Drug Sales

Krebs: Two U.S. Men Charged in 2022 Hacking of DEA Portal

Cancer Patient Sues Hospital After Ransomware Gang Leaks Her Nude Medical Photos

NordVPN Open Sources Its Linux VPN Client and Libraries

Tick APT Group Hacked East Asian DLP Software Firm

Hacker Selling Data Allegedly Stolen in U.S. Marshals Service Hack

U.S. Federal Agency Hacked Using Old Telerik Bug to Steal Data

LockBit Ransomware Claims Essendant Attack, Company Says “Network Outage”

Latitude Financial Hacked With 328,000 Customer Ids Feared Stolen

Independent Living Systems (ILS) Warns 4.2 Million People of Data Breach

NorthStar Emergency Medical Services (AR) Data Breach Affects 82,450 Individuals

Lansing Community College Suspends Most Classes for ‘Ongoing Cybersecurity Incident’

New Cryptojacking Operation Targeting Kubernetes Clusters for Dero Mining

“FakeCalls” Android Malware Targets Financial Firms in South Korea

First-Known Dero Cryptojacking Operation Seen Targeting Kubernetes

CISA Warns of Adobe ColdFusion Bug Exploited as a Zero-Day

Critical Microsoft Outlook Bug PoC Shows How Easy It Is to Exploit

Krebs: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, March 2023 Edition

Mozilla Firefox Gets Built-in Firefox Relay Controls

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