An increased energy demand, and environmental pressure to accommodate higher
levels of renewable energy and flexible loads like electric vehicles have led
to numerous smart transformations in the modern power systems. These
transformations make the cyber-physical power system highly susceptible to
cyber-adversaries targeting its numerous operations. In this work, a novel
black box adversarial attack strategy is proposed targeting the AC state
estimation operation of an unknown power system using historical data.
Specifically, false data is injected into the measurements obtained from a
small subset of the power system components which leads to significant
deviations in the state estimates. Experiments carried out on the IEEE 39 bus
and 118 bus test systems make it evident that the proposed strategy, called
DeeBBAA, can evade numerous conventional and state-of-the-art attack detection
mechanisms with very high probability.

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Author Of this post: <a href="">Arnab Bhattacharjee</a>, <a href="">Tapan K. Saha</a>, <a href="">Ashu Verma</a>, <a href="">Sukumar Mishra</a>

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