Hello, I have already done slight research on this topic; and I lack the results. The few posts online I can find regarding autoclickers, and their safety seem pretty baseless, and majority of which are old posts, and have other people contradicting them. (The service that i’ve looked at are, OP Auto Clicker, AlphaClicker, and Auto Hot Keys.) I also lack to see a very valid post in this subreddit for auto clickers. (The most post, that has next to no engagement was circa 2 months ago regarding the subject.) So, in that case, may I ask if anyone has seen a megathread of reputable auto clicker services, that are free? / Auto Clicker services that have reputable trusted developers? I can’t script my own using Auto Hot Keys, and I definitely don’t trust other people’s AHK scripts, so that is why I can not use it. I know this may seem like alot, but if anyone out there is willing to assist me; then thanks in advance! And thank you for reading.

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