AI-Imager Midjourney v5 Stuns With Photorealistic Images
Midjourney announced version 5 of its commercial AI image-synthesis service, which can produce photorealistic images at a quality level that some AI art fans are calling creepy and “too perfect.” From a report: Midjourney v5 is available now as an alpha test for customers who subscribe to the Midjourney service, which is available through Discord. “MJ v5 currently feels to me like finally getting glasses after ignoring bad eyesight for a little bit too long,” said Julie Wieland, a graphic designer who often shares her Midjourney creations on Twitter. “Suddenly you see everything in 4k, it feels weirdly overwhelming but also amazing.” Wieland shared some of her Midjourney v5 generations with Ars Technica [images shared in the linked story], and they certainly show a progression in image detail since Midjourney first arrived in March 2022. Version 3 debuted in August, and version 4 debuted in November. Midjourney works similarly to image synthesizers like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E in that it generates images based on text descriptions called “prompts” using an AI model trained on millions of works of human-made art. Recently, Midjourney was at the heart of a copyright controversy regarding a comic book that used earlier versions of the service.

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