Hey guys, idk what to do usually im pretty keen on working my way around viruses…. not my first one by any means! This one seems to be a hard nut tho.

Today chrome started to redirect my every search to bing. As first aid i started up Malwarebytes no luck…. then my main antivirus Eset, nothing. Over to Spyhunter5free. Found a couple of Malware entries in Chrome mainly from porn websites. Didn’t clear yet bc i don’t have a license. Then ran many different tries of defender found nothing in regards of these chrome entries but dug up AndroidOS/Multiverze trojan. Did a little google search and honestly didnt find to much on it. Defender asked me to remove it which i said yes to. Switched window to my other antivirus software and didnt pay attention to what happened on defender. Opened defender back up no error no “finished” notice nothing. So idk if it removed it or not. Also checked my phone with various programs nothing. The chrome redirection thing still exists so that wasnt fixed….. tried defender again on my C drive where the virus was found last time nothing again. Soooo idk what to do now…. with the software i have on hand i feel like there is nothing i can do. Maybe sb on here can help me iam at a loss :/

Thanks for even reading until here. Hope sb can help me.

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