Beating ‘hearts on a chip’ will travel to space on
SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship tonight
. article.
Pull quote: “The [beating heart] tissue will be used in two experiments —
Cardinal Heart 2.0 and Engineered Heart Tissues-2 — which will test whether
existing drugs can help prevent or reverse spaceflight’s negative effects on
the heart.”

Meltdown: Paul storms out of Homeland Security markup
after clash on amendments
. article.
Pull quote: “Paul (R,KY) vented his frustration over Peters’s (D,MI) use of
procedural tactics to effectively shield Democrats on the committee from voting
on Republican amendments to the Fire Grants and Safety Act.” Paul was pushing
amendments that would have been voted down by Democrats if allowed to come to a
vote. Nothing new here, other than Paul is now the Ranking Member of the

Impressions of the U.S. National Cybersecurity Strategy
of 2023
. blog
. An OT perspective on the Strategy document. Pull quote: “My advice as
someone who has worked on strategy documents for a small country to those
working for a high-tech superpower:  when
seeking to protect modern economic activity, national security and well-being
of your society form threats emanating from cyberspace – invite the engineers.”

New Moon Suit for NASA’s Artemis Astronauts Unveiled. article.
Pull quote: “By turning to this private company [Axiom Space], NASA is again
relying on new commercial space enterprises to provide key components faster
and cheaper than it could itself develop.”

Homeland Security Advisory Council. Federal Register notice.
Summary: “The Secretary of Homeland Security has determined that the renewal of
the Homeland Security Advisory Council is necessary and in the public interest.
This determination follows consultation with the Committee Management
Secretariat, General Services Administration.” Extends HSAC thru March 11th,

Toilet paper is an unexpected source of PFAS in
. article.
Could it be that the PFAS problem is being overblown? Pull quote: “Then, the
team combined their results with data from other studies that included
measurements of PFAS levels in sewage and per capita toilet paper use in
various countries. They calculated that toilet paper contributed about 4% of
the 6:2 diPAP in sewage in the U.S. and Canada, 35% in Sweden and up to 89% in

EV Charging Infrastructure Offers an Electric Cyberattack
. article.
Pull quote: “Consumer devices are also a problem. About 80% of charging takes
place in the home, according to ChargePoint session data. But unfortunately,
those devices may be easier to disrupt because consumers are not focused, nor
should they need to be focused, on cybersecurity, Tonkin says.” Home charging
systems have been essentially ignored in cybersecurity discussions.

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