Working Artificial Horizon Built Into a Single Lego Brick
Working Artificial Horizon Built Into a Single Lego Brick

Back in the day, Lego spaceship sets used to come with these little wedge blocks painted with fake spaceship gauges on them. [“Ancient” James Brown] decided that wasn’t good enough. Thus, he took everything he needed for an artificial horizon gauge, and stuffed it inside a single Lego brick. Yes, it’s real, and it’s spectactular.

We featured [James’] Lego bricks some time ago when they first hit the Internet. The basic story is that he managed to cram an OLED screen and an RP2040 into a silicone mold for a Lego-compatible brick. His first iterations stunned the world, as they ran pretty monochrome animations that brought life to formerly-inanimate Lego.

Since then, [James] has been busy. He’s managed to squeeze an accelerometer into the brick form factor as well. That allowed him to build a Lego brick which displays an impressively-smooth artificial horizon display, as you might find in an aircraft. He demonstrates this by putting the artificial horizon on a Lego craft and zooming it around the room. All the while, the artificial horizon accurately tracks the motions of the craft.

It’s an impressive build, and something we expect to see included in many Lego builds in years to come. Video after the break.


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