Ran across this
on ABC7.com about an explosion at a West Reading, PA chocolate
factory. The page includes a nearby surveillance
of the actual explosion. One building was completely leveled, surrounding
buildings were damaged, one reportedly moved 4-ft. Two people have been confirmed
killed, numbers injured and they are still looking through the rubble for
survivors. There is no information on the cause of the explosion, but it was
noted that there was an active natural gas distribution line into the building. 

according to the Chemical Safety Board, an explosion that kills people, severely
injures people, or causes significant property damage is a reportable chemical
release under 40
CF 1604
. And, once again, this being a chocolate factory and not a quintessential
chemical manufacturing facility, the owner may not be aware of their CSB
reporting responsibilities, so I would not be surprised to hear that the incident
was not reported when the next CSB report summary is published.

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