2 weeks ago, I was looking at an older external drive and got hit by a PUA. Yes, I know, I should have been smarter, but when Trend Micro became too difficult to deal with, I read that Windows Defender was good so I switched to that and thought I was being smarter. Mistake. So I read a lot about what to buy and went with Bitdefender. Mistake. Couldn’t get it to work, couldn’t get any support, so I finally uninstalled and demanded a refund. They wanted me to wait 2 weeks. After making a fuss, I got it earlier. The day that I purchased Bitdefender, I wasted 13 hours trying to get it installed and talking with support, neither of which happened. So I got a 7 day trial from Malwarebytes because my problem was a PUA. I got that trial this past Monday (it’s Saturday night now). Decided the trial didn’t offer enough functionality so tonight I purchased the full program. After paying for and finishing the install, it told me to upgrade by paying for the install program a second time. What?!!! Didn’t I already pay for and install it? Or was that just a come-on to upgrade to a more expensive product? And there were 3 ways to get off that page and I had no clue which to pick first because in the past 2 weeks, I’ve learned that once you leave a page, you can’t get back to it. At this point, I did something uncommon for me. I cried. I’ve lost an entire week trying to get this second program installed and working. I have to represent myself in court in less than 2 weeks and I can’t do that if my computer isn’t working. I think I’m going to be hand-writing those lengthy documents.

Does anybody know a program whose directions are logical and that were written by somebody that knows English? At this point, I can’t do much on the keyboard before the Windows taskbar stops working, meaning mouse clicks stop working. I know I need to run sfc and dism but I want that PUA out of there before I do that.

I need something that I can just hit a key and it installs without me having to make all sorts of settings changes and I tell it to run and it does. Do those programs still exist?

Thank you.

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